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 Tux the Penguin is the official emblem of Linux,
This eventuated after a logo contest in 1996, during which Linus
Torvalds endorsed the idea of a penguin logo in a couple of
famously funny postings.  Linus explained that he was once bitten by a
penguin in Australia and has felt a special affinity for the
species ever since.  (Linus has since admitted that he was also
thinking of Feathers McGraw, the evil-genius penguin jewel thief
who appeared in a Wallace & Grommit feature cartoon, "The
Wrong Trousers".)

Larry Ewing designed
the official Tux logo.  It has proved a wise choice, amenable to
hundreds of recognizable variations used as emblems of
Linux-related projects, products, and user groups. In fact, Tux has
spawned an entire mythology, of which the
Gospel According to Tux and the mock-epic poem "Tuxowolf" are among 
best-known examples.

There is a `real' Tux - a black-footed penguin resident at the
Bristol Zoo.  Several friends of Linux bought a zoo sponsorship
for Linus as a birthday present in 1996.

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