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pop /pop/ 

 [from the operation that removes the top of a
stack, and the fact that procedure return addresses are usually
saved on the stack] (also capitalized `POP') 1. vt. To remove
something from a stack or PDL.  If a person says he/she
has popped something from his stack, that means he/she has finally
finished working on it and can now remove it from the list of
things hanging overhead.  2. When a discussion gets to a level of
detail so deep that the main point of the discussion is being lost,
someone will shout "Pop!", meaning "Get back up to a higher
level!"  The shout is frequently accompanied by an upthrust arm
with a finger pointing to the ceiling. 3. [all-caps, as `POP']
Point of Presence, a bank of dial-in lines allowing customers to
make (local) calls into an ISP.  This is borderline techspeak.

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